Peace of Mind

Yesterday we talked of the quiet in Sedona and how this time of year was a great time to take advantage of that, especially with this gorgeous weather. If you are looking for a place to stay in Sedona that offers peace and quiet then we suggest the Alma De Sedona Bed and Breakfast (  Off the beaten path and built around nature, Alma is perfect for a quiet getaway. In addition, it offers access to a labyrinth, medicine wheel and offers a variety of spiritual services to make the most of your “you time” in Sedona.

Many blessings !!!!!!



It is so quiet here in Sedona after the holidays. A perfect time to embrace the Winter energy of going within to find the gratitude for all of the wonderful energy we have created this past year.

As we embrace gratitude life slows down as we begin to realize the potential that, in every moment, lies the Magic of life just waiting for us to notice.

As we begin to notice the details of the moment we become…..present!!!! Now that’s the gift that keeps on giving!!!

New Year

Mariposa and I are taking the time to redirect the focus of Inner Journeys toward more long term (3+ days) retreats with our guests and calling ourselves a spiritual retreat business. We wish to help others get to the heart of their issues and release that which holds them back from their heart’s fulfillment. Ultimately we will manifest our own work space from which to offer these services.

In the meantime we are looking for education opportunities that allow us to focus and teach the ways of energy medicine.

Some of our new services will begin to reflect the new tools we are acquiring, such as the Perfect Circle of Sound. Look for our new services at

Many blessings!!!!!

New Year 2012

Well, many people have been talking about the Mayan calendar and world change for 2012.  It is interesting to have read some of the different takes and listen to people talk about it. I have to say – I don’t get all the doom and gloom stuff.  The most common fear in the world is the fear of snakes and, for many cultures around the world, snakes represent change as they shed their skin a few times a year.

Really?!? Have we become so engrossed in our fears (over change, death, losing control, not having money, not being sick,etc) that we just settle for less than what we deserve??

No way, man!!! We all deserve the fulfillment that lies within our hearts and I wish you all the courage you need on that inner journey to personal empowerment!!!

 You can’t win if you don’t play! Show up and show us your gifts!!!

What up?

As we look around at our lives and those of our friends (and clients) around us, it really seems as if last year was a time of letting go of the old ways and energies of fear, worry and doubt that we have allowed to keep us hostage from living our dreams.

It feels like there is a “quickening” upon us where our desires are manifesting faster than usual. As such, we would be well served to be mindful of our heart’s intentions and to not let anyone or anything get in the way of bringing them out into the world.

As you bring your heart’s gifts into the world you are truly making a difference that benefits us all. Thank you  – all of you – for the wonderful work you do!!!!!!!!

Role reversal

You know – i’ve really watched my daughter, Grace, this week and how she handles herself. She goes about her day being in the moment – whether it be in play or in emoting her needs. I meet here “there” from time to time and, when i do, the moment is so beautiful. When i can’t, it’s because i’m stuck in the faulty programming of the past and she reminds me of that in her own way.

 As parents we often think of ourselves as the teachers of our children and how we have to impart our lessons unto them, but perhaps it is the other way around – that they are here to teach us as much as they can. Perhaps our job is simply to get out of the way, gently steer the ship and allow them to unfold into the beautiful miracles they already are.

Innocence Lost

The other day I was driving down the road in Sedona and I came upon backed up traffic. As I looked ahead I gasped at what I saw – a big male deer flailing on the road after being hit by an SUV.  Cars were jockeying for position to get past the deer and I couldn’t help but feel a complete lack of respect for this fallen animal as the cars dashed past.

How closed are our minds and hearts that we allow society to destroy the beautiful things in life? The only animal that doesn’t achieve a natural balance with the surrounding environment is us and yet, we feel we are the dominant species on the planet. Oh! The bitter irony!!!

Please take a moment to thank and bless the natural world around you – the trees, animals, water, mountains, our planet and anything else that touches you. For without nature, life on this planet would be way less cool, perhaps even gone. GOD BLESS MOTHER EARTH!!!!!!!

The Gift Within

Pay attention to your inner world – all of your dreams, daydreams and recurring positive thoughts are gifts from Spirit that connect you to your life path. The Heartbeat of Spirit is always there waiting for us to listen but it can take some work to put ourselves in a position to hear. That work is the real work!

Where is the truth?

We are all searching for truth, huh? In society, truth is searched for outside of ourselves and often given to us by others. Think about what you think about – how many of your thoughts are derived from what your family, friends, school and society have sold to you over the years? Where do their thoughts end and your own begin?

I have found that we each have our own personal truth WITHIN. And the true gateway within is through the heart – the doorway to the soul. If may take some time, but take a few deep breaths to quiet your mind and place your awareness in your heart. There you will find peace, comfort, answers and your Divine Spark – and that is your truth!


It came to me yesterday that when you look ahead and cannot see clearly – that it is a good time to surrender to the eagle eye of Spirit. Trust and surrender = Faith.
Kenny Rogers said it best – Know when to hold ’em and know when to fold’em.

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