The Little Ones

I was watching my daughter at the creek this past weekend making mud pies on the rocks without a care in the world as to who was watching or adoring her – she did it because it brought her joy.

I watched three little girls around the age of 6 begin a “Save the World Club” down at the creek and remind us not to litter. All donations they recieved went to the animal shelter – they did it because it brought them joy.

Just imagine a world where we are able to do the things that bring us joy!!!!! Feels pretty good to me!!!


Customized Retreats

We have just begun to share our customized personal retreats and , so far, it has been great. In addition to our day retreats, we are offering multiday, custom spiritual retreats in Sedona. We have lodging set up for people on the peaceful grounds of the Alma de Sedona or guests can find their own.

Our main goal – help our guests to reduce stress and release any blocks that keeps their own healing system (physical, emotional , mental or spiritual) from engaging. In this way they can heal themselves and more fully move into their heart and their personal truth which benefits all of us!!!

We are so blessed to do this work!!!

The Weather

Oh man!!! This has been one of the most mild winters I can remember in Sedona. What a great time to be here as you can enjoy all of this beautiful sunshine and have the trails to yourself. In addition, there are very few helicopters whirling around and you can really get out on the land into some pure quiet. That right there is a great recipe to recharge, refresh and renew.

Blessings to all!!!!