What up?

As we look around at our lives and those of our friends (and clients) around us, it really seems as if last year was a time of letting go of the old ways and energies of fear, worry and doubt that we have allowed to keep us hostage from living our dreams.

It feels like there is a “quickening” upon us where our desires are manifesting faster than usual. As such, we would be well served to be mindful of our heart’s intentions and to not let anyone or anything get in the way of bringing them out into the world.

As you bring your heart’s gifts into the world you are truly making a difference that benefits us all. Thank you  – all of you – for the wonderful work you do!!!!!!!!


Role reversal

You know – i’ve really watched my daughter, Grace, this week and how she handles herself. She goes about her day being in the moment – whether it be in play or in emoting her needs. I meet here “there” from time to time and, when i do, the moment is so beautiful. When i can’t, it’s because i’m stuck in the faulty programming of the past and she reminds me of that in her own way.

 As parents we often think of ourselves as the teachers of our children and how we have to impart our lessons unto them, but perhaps it is the other way around – that they are here to teach us as much as they can. Perhaps our job is simply to get out of the way, gently steer the ship and allow them to unfold into the beautiful miracles they already are.

Innocence Lost

The other day I was driving down the road in Sedona and I came upon backed up traffic. As I looked ahead I gasped at what I saw – a big male deer flailing on the road after being hit by an SUV.  Cars were jockeying for position to get past the deer and I couldn’t help but feel a complete lack of respect for this fallen animal as the cars dashed past.

How closed are our minds and hearts that we allow society to destroy the beautiful things in life? The only animal that doesn’t achieve a natural balance with the surrounding environment is us and yet, we feel we are the dominant species on the planet. Oh! The bitter irony!!!

Please take a moment to thank and bless the natural world around you – the trees, animals, water, mountains, our planet and anything else that touches you. For without nature, life on this planet would be way less cool, perhaps even gone. GOD BLESS MOTHER EARTH!!!!!!!