The Gift Within

Pay attention to your inner world – all of your dreams, daydreams and recurring positive thoughts are gifts from Spirit that connect you to your life path. The Heartbeat of Spirit is always there waiting for us to listen but it can take some work to put ourselves in a position to hear. That work is the real work!


Where is the truth?

We are all searching for truth, huh? In society, truth is searched for outside of ourselves and often given to us by others. Think about what you think about – how many of your thoughts are derived from what your family, friends, school and society have sold to you over the years? Where do their thoughts end and your own begin?

I have found that we each have our own personal truth WITHIN. And the true gateway within is through the heart – the doorway to the soul. If may take some time, but take a few deep breaths to quiet your mind and place your awareness in your heart. There you will find peace, comfort, answers and your Divine Spark – and that is your truth!