It came to me yesterday that when you look ahead and cannot see clearly – that it is a good time to surrender to the eagle eye of Spirit. Trust and surrender = Faith.
Kenny Rogers said it best – Know when to hold ’em and know when to fold’em.


Little Acts of Magic in Sedona

Got up early to walk Bear today and do some ceremony out on the land. I looked up into the clouds and there was a tiny little portion of a rainbow – i had to strain to see it at first but then it became more visible. It filled my heart as i thought what a great way to start the day. That when my mind is quiet – Spirit is always around waiting for me to notice. Those little acts are so healing and can really set your day up to be awesome.

Have a great and blessed day!!!!


A beautiful sunset, the moon comes up and the temperatures are reminding me of the coming of Fall – yeah…… life is good!!!!!

What’s coming?

So many friends and guests of our services are all saying the same thing – they fell like something “big” is going to happen this fall. When pressed further, most say they are not sure of what but that “it” will impact everyone on the Earth.

We also feel the same and have asked – so what does that mean for now? My best answer is to enjoy each moment as fully as you can, let go of the old, foster your Spirit connection and be ready to go for the ride.

Peace and blessings to all!!!