Happy Father’s Day

As i look at my beautiful daughter, Grace, and look out into the unknown depths of her future i am filled with excitement. For as the current social and economic systems continue to crumble, they will leave behind the rotten smell of fertilizer from which new things can grow.

I hear how Grace tried to have an ant crawl up on her foot and spent the morning picking flowers. There was no fear there – just a sense of wonder. That connection to nature is exciting. That connection can be a lasting source of strength because it is real, right from the Source. Where could that take us?

 As Grace flies across the room and flings herself into my arms, i am reminded that love is real and sustaining  – it is right here, right now. That these beautiful, spontaneous experiences are available to us everyday.

 As the old ways crumble we are being given the opportunity to discover what truly sustains us and that, within us, is the power to create. And that is why i am excited. Because i look at Grace and see love, fun , trust, hope and adventure and i realize the potential of a life created with these ideals in tow.

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there!!!!! What a wonderful experience it is for sure!!



We have been listening to people’s stories about coming to Sedona and giving lavish amounts of money to people who promise to heal them or change their lives. That is a slippery slope indeed.

 Be aware of spiritual arrogance. The only person that can heal you is yourself. Yes, people can help you along the way, but be careful how much of your power you give to others.

 Learn to hear your inner voice which can always serve as a guide. When you look outside for answers it is more difficult to discern who has your best interests at heart.

Peace to you on this fine day!!!!!!


There is a rock formation in west Sedona called Chimney Rock. From one side of town it looks as if one finger is sticking up and hence, a chimney is born. But as you drive around the rock formation you will notice how ChimneyRock now looks as if three fingers are sticking up. So, if two people were looking at Chimney Rock from opposite ends, at the same time, who sees the “right” thing?


I hope your day was beautiful and that you were able to experience the magic of life, if even for a moment