The Times – to restore balance

There is a lot going on in the world as far as humans in relation to Mother Earth – powerful storms, a high frequency of earthquakes, oil spilling into our water, mines collapsing, etc.  While some would say these are just accidents, have we ever really questioned whether we should be doing some of these things in the first place? And, if we haven’t, when are we going to start thinking for ourselves?

I mean – really!!!! How have we become so blinded that our need for momentary gratification has outweighed any logic as to how to relate to Mother Earth? Did we really think we could just keep taking and taking and taking and there would be no consequences? There is no balance in that and living for that momentary gratification is at the expense of our future and the future of our children.

 Our body exists in balance. If you were to keep working it without putting anything back ( rest, nourishing food,etc.) you would start to wear down and may even get sick. Keep taking even more and you may find a serious illness awaits. Most today view the bacteria or virus causing the illness as the main problem. The problem is the choices you made that caused you to wear down in the first place.

 And there is part of the problem – a lack of self responsibility. “I can do whatever i want and someone else will fix it” . News Flash – we need to save ourselves and start taking some responsibility for ourselves and our choices!!!!!!!!!!!! Everytime we drive when we could walk or use a bunch of plastic bags instead of a reuseable sack or throw something out that could be recycled or…………………………. – we are making the choice/ vote to keep taking from the Earth and giving into the imbalance. Eventually, like your body getting sick, the Earth will have had enough.  No one else is making that choice – we are!

 Another problem is that many don’t view our Earth as alive – it is some object to be used and that is why we just give into the taking – it’s just oil, it’s just a tree, etc. Our society has become truly disconnected from the planet we live on and the life it contains. Somewhere we have anointed ourselves as the most important part of this planet and everything is here to serve us. When you place yourself at the top there is only one way to go – that would be down.

 I’m not here suggesting that all of the Earth changes are due to human activity. That would be arrogant indeed. But i am suggesting that as we continue to take and dump on our planet – we are making the situation just that much more out of balance and, as a result, making ourselves more out of balance with life around us.

 What can we do?  First of all take some responsibility for ourselves and empower ourselves. What can we do to lessen our impact on the Earth? Recycle, choose reusable grocery bags (plastic bags require more oil for production and shipping), shop at farmer’s markets and buy produce grown nearby when available, get ourselves away from the clutches of that life sapping T.V. and spend some time outside, plant a garden and use our dollars as our vote – put our money into items and companies that are in alignment with our beliefs. There are a squillion things we could do but the choices and action are up to us.

 We are all in this together as Earthlings!!!!!!!!!!!!