Earth Day 2010

Seems kind of contradictory to the Inner Journeys spirit  to spend Earth Day inside but we are taking advantage of the cooler weather to update all of our techie stuff – blogs, facebook, twitter, etc.

 I’ll get Bear outside for a walk later and do some ceremony to give thanks for Mother Earth  – all of Her beauty, life and bounty. i am honored to be a part of this planet!!!!


Working with Creekside Inn

As Spring is the time for new beginnings, we are excited to announce that we have partnered with The Creekside Inn in Sedona to provide their guests with private, guided experiences throughout the Sedona area.

 The Creekside Inn is locally owned by Mark and Tammy Charlesworth and has a gorgeous, tranquil setting along the waters of the Oak Creek.

Mark and Tammy are committed to giving their guests the best Sedona experience possible and we resonate with that level of private, custom service.

To look at packages that we have set up with The Creekside Inn go to their online concierge page at

We feel this partnership is a win/win for everyone and would like to thank Mark and Tammy for their belief in us!!!